My name is Sam Corin and I am a full Stack Web Application Developer, currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques, specializing in highly performant user interface development and design.

Side Projects
bestchat v0.5, 2017

PWA Tech Demo: A feature-rich chat application for every browser. Built with minimal dependencies.

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Chrome Extension, 2017

A super simple chrome extension to that displays Hacker News stories in new tabs.

Source Code
HN Chrome Extension
Tokyo Art Scene, 2017

A feed showing the latest art exhibitions around Tokyo.

Tokyo Art Scene
HeyTask, 2017

Discover freelance talent for your everyday needs.

Le Wagon bootcamp project

Source Code
Achievr, 2017

A minimal and clean implementation of a guided onboarding journey that allows new employees quick and easy integration into a new company.

Le Wagon bootcamp project

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